Colored Hair Kids

hey i recently went to the salon to get my hair colored this beautiful purple. I originally have dark brown so they had to strip a lot of the color in order to dye it. Anyways, i was wondering if it was okay to swim in the ocean, without worrying about color change, and also what are the right shampoos and conditioners. Thanks a bunch from Anonymous

Well, it’s hard to speak from experience on this one, as I’ve never actually swam in the ocean with colored hair. I would say you may notice a little more fading than normal (the salt water dries out your hair a little bit + long exposure to direct sunlight), but it shouldn’t be like spending a ton of time in a public pool. I went to a water park once with freshly dyed turquoise hair, and by the end of the day between the chlorine and the sunlight, it looked like it hadn’t been done in a month :P So in short, salt water shouldn’t be as bad as public pool chlorine. If you’re really worried about it, maybe just put in some extra leave-in conditioner before you hit the beach. As far as shampoos and conditioners, I always opt for color protectant shampoos and conditioners. A lot of my current favorite products come from Pureology, Chi, Fekkai, and Paul Mitchell, but if you’re looking for more drugstore brands I generally go with Garnier or Loreal (I also love Herbal Essences but not for colored hair). Basically anything that is color protectant and repairing always helps! If you’re terribly worried about the color fading out, you can always take an extra pack of dye with you for a last-minute touch up )